A Week In Croatia: Part 1/3

I took a sleeper train to Croatia, and managed to find myself in a car with two women from Britain, one from Croatia, and a guy whose origin was unknown. He sure knew what he was doing on that sleeper train, though. He came in, said hello, and went about setting up his quarters in a way that said, “I’ve done this about a hundred times and have the process down to a science.”

On Sunday, my first full day in Croatia, my friend Mia took me to a Leonardo da Vinci traveling exhibit. They had touchable models of many of his experiments, a couple of his notebooks, many prints of his anatomical sketches, and prints of a few of his paintings. This was in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I fully enjoyed playing with all of the mechanical toys, and found some things that would help our physics students back home.

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On Monday, I wandered around Zagreb on my own for a while until Mia was out of class. I visited the famous cathedral in Zagreb. The two towers of this cathedral are built from a stone that erodes very easily and has to be replaced often. So often, in fact, that there is almost never a time during which neither of the towers are under construction.

When Mia had her lunch break, we visited the Museum of Broken Relationships. It was at once intriguing, inspiring, humorous, and heart-wrenching. It was easy to see how much a relationship meant to the person who sent in the item. Sometimes they wrote their story in a humorous way, sharing their failed love and a smile at the same time. Others were clearly still heart broken by the loss, while still others simply wanted to help readers not make the same mistake they had.

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