Explorer of the World

I was given How to be an Explorer of the World as a gift just before I left for France. It has been my daily journal, and every time I come across an “exploration” in the book, I will do the “exploration” or some interpretation of it. I will also make a post about each “exploration”. Links to each of these posts can be found below:

  1. Right Where You are Sitting
  2. Experience Collection
  3. Light
  4. Daily Walk
  5. The First Thing You See
  6. Archeological Dig
  7. World of Color
  8.  “Cracks
  9. “Case of Curiosities”
  10. “One Thing”
  11. “Differences”
  12. “Fifty Things”
  13. “Collecting Type”
  14. “Sound Map”
  15. “Consumer”

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