Exploration #6: Archaeological Dig

Exploration 6 archaeological dig

Photo from Keri Smith’s “How to be an Explorer of the World”

Considering that I do not have many things from my childhood here in France (in fact, I don’t think I brought anything from my childhood with me), I decided to re-create something.

I knew I could get cardboard easily enough, and I had some aluminum foil from chocolate wrappers and some leftover crepe paper from decorating my room. So the first thing that came to mind was to re-create one of the sword and shield hangings that are in my room at home.

I did not find enough clean cardboard to make a shield of a satisfying size, so I settled with just a sword. The process took a couple of days. I used a sandwiching method to put it all together: the blade is 2-cardboards thick while the handle is 5-cardboards thick. The crossguard was layered inside the bottom of the blade, and the handle was sandwiched on the outside of that.

Cut and molded toilet paper tubes became the rounded part of the crossguard, while a slice of round wine cork became the rounded ends of the guard. The pommel was created in a similar manner, using a cut-vertically round-head wine cork. I sliced down part of that to sandwich it into the cardboard and secure it all in place.

When all of this layering was finally set and the glue was dry, I had to choose what color the blade would be. It could be green, blue, or orange based upon what colors I had in paper. I have been listening to the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini recently, so I went with blue. The handle I covered in aluminum foil from various types of chocolate wrappers.

To hang it on my wall was actually a bigger challenge than expected. I have almost no sticky tack left, and I couldn’t find such a substance in any of the stores I’ve been in here. I had, however, purchased suction cup hooks for my window hangings. I replaced their metal hooks with more flexible string loops and then taped the hooks to the wall so my sword could hang above the head of my bed.

The Blue Sword


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