A Trip to Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and Nancy – Part 3

In Nancy, we stayed in a very new hotel that had a great apartment. I cooked for the group for both evenings, and we had a great time with it. Nancy had less to see, but we still got to tour through the city’s monuments and numerous churches.

We took a suggested tour route through the city, and we found it hilarious that one of the tourist stops was Societe General (which is the bank we all use). I think that the building that Societe General is in is what was the actual attraction – it was old with great architecture.

The center of the city was a beautiful gilded square. I stopped in awe. I have never seen so much gold in one place!

Later, we walked through a park that had a merry-go-round and a petting zoo. The petting zoo was great fun, as was getting to read the names of all the animals in various languages. Finally, as we walked home for the night, we chanced upon a Little Free Library. I did not take a book, since I have already bought a couple of books in French and have little space for more.

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On the last morning, Evan and I went to an aquarium before anyone else woke up. The aquarium was quite large and included a small zoology section. Evan was very excited, as he has an aquarium at home and was able to tell me about the various fish we saw.

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