A Trip to Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and Nancy – Part 2

Luxembourg was easily my favorite city of the three. The buildings are mostly ancient with fantastic form and function. They have lasted the numerous centuries without truly fading.

On the first day, we visited the Casemates. None of my photos were good enough to share here, but I loved exploring the underground tunnels of brick and seeing the ancient architecture. Luxembourg used to be a fortress of a city and is built in mountain foothills. This meant many beautiful photograph opportunities and lots of walking up and down hills and stairs.

The hostel we stayed in was part of the Hostelling International company, and I could not believe how many languages I heard! I met some American students, a Canadian, and I heard Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and English being spoken.

We went down into a very green valley in the central part of the city and wandered around the beautiful space and then over to lunch. After lunch, we wandered to a different park and found a big swing set. We took some videos and high-speed photos of us jumping off of the swings and just as we were circled around looking at the photos, a pair of police came our direction. We finished our looking and went on our way but were stopped by the police who said that we had left after seeing them and that our actions looked suspicious. After they inspected the area where we had been standing and declared it fine, we walked away. I think all of us had different emotional reactions to the encounter ranging from scared to angry to indifferent.

On our last morning before going heading to Nancy, we walked around a different route and saw a more modern part of the city, eventually crossing the red bridge that is in a few of my photos. After that, we trudged up the hills with our luggage to the train station and rested while we traveled to Nancy.


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