Exploration #4: Daily Walk

Exploration #4: Daily Walk

Photo from “How to be an Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith

I can’t collect actual objects without ending up with a million things I cannot take home. So instead today, I tried to change my path to school.

Since I can’t change which bus I take, I sat on the other side of the bus. I didn’t see much that was new, but I did get the chance to see some buildings I don’t usually see because I always return at night. I found a few beautiful spring flowers this afternoon on my way to class:

        Spring flowers                                  Spring Flowers 2

I rode with a friend from Sevenans to band today. That did allow me a new tour of stores. I have never gone into Belfort from Sevenans by going behind the train station.

Band has begun to be very fun. It is less of a chore to understand what is being asked of me and I can now enjoy the music more. Sometime this week, I will have to purchase a bottle of valve oil for my old euphonium. The instrument works well, but it is old enough to have the tuning slide before the valves.



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