Exploration #3: Light

Picture from "Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith

Picture from “Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith

I think the most interesting pattern I see regularly is that created by my window shades in the morning. I marked it the first morning: there are 1.5″ slits that look like dashes in my shades. These cast a fun pattern on my wall, bright dashes that get bigger the farther they are from the windows. It’s enjoyable to get rows upon rows of bright dashes of light streaming in.

Last weekend, I purchased crêpe paper in four colors: blue, orange, yellow, and green. I now have two window hangings and two wall hangings, which keep my room feeling much less blank and desolate. The window hangings don’t filter light much, but they are nicely illuminated when the sun comes through in the morning.

I noticed this morning that my waterbottles do something that glass prisms do: they create little rainbows! Right around the edge of the bottles where a shadow should have been, pale rainbows exist instead.


shows dashes of light streaming through window shades     shows a wall hanging on a white wall with increasingly larger dashes of light


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