2 Days Prior

There are two days before I leave. I work tomorrow and then my flight is Sunday evening. I’m having a lunch with friends and family before seeing my ‘little sister’ at the airport. I fly with a few stops to Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiberg, where I will hopefully meet a few women from Spain who are also attending UTBM. The four of us will take public transportation to Belfort, we’ll have dinner with and meet a ton of new people, and then we’ll crash, exhausted, into beds. Or at least that’s the plan.

My mom asked me tonight if I was excited or just relieved. This past week has been pretty rough on me: my mind keeps telling me to feel like I’m moving away forever, but of course I’m coming back in just five months. I’ve been working, packing, preparing all of my technology, and tons of other craziness. At this point, I’m relieved that the day is almost here.

There is certainly something to be said for the way the university handles international students. Everything on the administrative side had to happen quickly and last-minute for me, so I had literally no time to get nervous. Unfortunately, my excitement didn’t build either. The last month and a half have been spent constantly checking ‘one more thing’ off my to-do list and then realizing that it was still half a mile long.

Things are wrapping up, and the day is almost here. After that, I get approximately 170 days to explore places I’ve never been.


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